Thursday, January 13, 2011

Thanks Everybody!

Hi everybody. Andy Rash here. This blog is usually just for images, but I had to write a message to thank all of you for your comments and emails and reposts. For the last few weeks, this blog has seen a lot more traffic and I have received lots of messages, nearly all of them very nice, or at the very least politely offering constructive criticism.

A couple questions keep popping up.

Is it okay if I cross stitch these designs?
Yes! I only ask that you send me a photo of your work so I can share it here. Also, if you post your cross stitch on the internet, please give me a mention as the designer of the pattern and a link to this blog. Same goes for fuse beads, ceramic tile, or whatever your medium is. And thanks very much for asking.

How do you do these?
They're digital.

I noticed an error in one of your images. Will you be offended if I point it out?
Absolutely not! Comments have already helped me fix embarrassing oversights involving light saber colors and the number of arms certain U. S. Senators have. Please keep 'em coming.

Can I buy a mug or shirt with this image on it?
Yes. I am trying to respond to requests like this with Cafepress stores. I have inserted some clickable product images at the bottom of some previous posts which will take you to a corresponding online store. If you want something specific I'm not offering, just let me know and I'll try my best to make it happen. And once again, thanks very much for asking.

I guess that's everything. Except I want to say again that I am very grateful for the nice comments and enthusiasm iotacons have received. Thanks everybody!

Here is a cross stitch of the MST3K iotacons by vegkat on Flickr!
Here is a fuse bead image of the Casablanca iotacons by ChibiAngel13 on Flickr!


  1. I am glad you are okay with it :). I love the patterns and I have a bunch I have yet to post.
    I will email you them once I have them posted :)

  2. Do you ever get writers block? Here are some old TV shows with iconic characters that come to mind that you could do:
    I Dream of Jeannie
    Hogans Heroes
    The Brady Bunch
    Leave it to Beaver
    Every comedy with Leslie Nielsen

  3. Here is some new iotacon inspired stitching from kwiatkowa!