Thursday, February 17, 2011

iotacon fan art!

Here's a Cary Grant cross stitch courtesy of! It's a play on the posters that say "Keep Calm and Carry On" which I have never heard of!

Here's a Minecraft R2D2 sculpture from Tom Pease! Thanks for sending them!


  1. Cool! Thanks for posting my fan art! I will send you the beatles when they are finished. I just finished Ringo the other day.

  2. Hey, that's my cross stitch! I was planning to send you a picture once I have it properly framed and all, but I see you found it already. Thanks so much for making these pictures, they're perfect for stitching! My friend made your Jean Luc Picard for her submission to thing-a-day today.

  3. These are awesome! Great crafts.:) Your work is lovely, Mr. Rash, and begs to be turned into crafty things. I've also X-stitched two handtowels for a friend, and the result I've posted here (, with the proper links to your blogs and credits:)