Thursday, March 17, 2011

Quiz Time! Who are these people?

Hi everybody! Do you think a collection of iotacons would make a good book? Let's say you're in a bookstore and you see a little 6" square book of iotacons. What would make you want to give it to somebody?
A book of quizzes (like the one above) with answers in the back? A specific category for the book, like Movies of the 90's? Genres like sci-fi or horror, or collections of movies by a single director? Should it be historical, like the Presidents or WWII?
Lots of people have been making crafts based on these illustrations. Cross-stitch, quilts, mosaics, etc. Should that be the focus of a book? How? Should the book come with a box of tiny square magnets so you can make these on your fridge?
Should an iotacon book be narrative? Some kind of 8-bit adventure?

I'd appreciate any comments. Thanks for visiting!



  1. Edward R. Rooney, Dean of Students
    Cameron Frye
    Ferris Bueller
    Sloane Peterson

    I'd lean towards magnets, stickers (Colorforms!) or (square) postcards.

    If it is a book, definitely make the corners animated flip books. Any narrative should be a Bill and Ted-esque adventure where the protagonist has to collect everyone for a birthday party or baseball team or whatever.

  2. Thanks Jeremiah!
    Correct on all names, extra credit for Ed's official title!
    Colorforms and square postcards are GREAT ideas.

  3. HAH Yes! Ferris Bueler's Day off! I'd love a book of iotacons. Hmm. I almost feel like a simple book with just iotacons on white that is sort of narrow with no words would work just like that. I dunno. Maybe each one you could talk about how you made each one, possibly say what they are or put the answers in the back kind of like a quiz. I kind of think it would be cool to be sort of minimalistic and let the iotacons speak for themselves as they do here.

  4. hey its kim... i like the idea of just a simple book too. it could always be split in chapters... like movies, tv, history...etc. but i like the idea too of having to guess who/what it is. i love seeing how much information you can get out of just simple squares to recognize who it is.

    i know i would get a little book of these for people for gifts. everyone i've showed them to love them.

    i think a postcard book would be neat too... maybe the bottom corner on the backs would be a place to do the flipcard idea too.

  5. Ed Rooney,

    Aw, crap- Already answered!

    As for a book, definitely keep the format simple, like a straightforward grid of iotacons on a white background.

    Iotacons should resolve well at less than arm's-length, so maybe 1-1 1/2" for each iotacon.

    Maybe also print in a larger format that works well for photo books, maybe letter-size/A4 or even 11x13.

    I'd also suggest offering a book through your website and via print-on-demand rather than bookstores through a distributor.

  6. Oh, and a poster with *all* of your Iotacons to date.

  7. I think you'd want to capture a certain subject matter. Politics. Tarantino films. Star wars films. You just want to be clear about who you are targeting because most of the fun is going to be about figuring out who they are. So you'd capture your political hacks with the Supreme Court iotacons, but if you put Pulp Fiction in the same book, well that's a totally different audience.

    Ok? ok.

  8. The magnets idea is brilliant. That's probably what would make me buy it.

    My husband votes for a book that includes trivia about movies or historical figures—not just quizzes about who the people are.

  9. Hey Xtine, The first comment from Jeremiah Britt correctly identified these people as Edward R. Rooney, Dean of Students, Cameron Frye, Ferris Bueller
    & Sloane Peterson.

    Thanks everyone for your comments about the book concept!