Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Star Wars iotacons in WIRED Magazine!

This month's WIRED Magazine features a Star Wars Quiz illustrated with the above iotacons! It's a good quiz. Check it out:


  1. I saw your Star Wars figures on pinterest, and I'm making a quilt using them. I should have asked your permission first, so sorry. I hope you don't object. I have made six panels so far. I would like to send you pics when I finish. I think you are a genius!! I love so many of them!!

  2. I saw this in wired magazine and love it! did I also see them on a poster somewhere??


  3. Hi Jamie,
    If you saw these on a poster somewhere let me know because someone owes me a check!

  4. Hi, I'm a big fan and am working on some cross stitch pieces with some of your Star Wars characters (cant wait to send in pics). Are there any more prequel-era characters, maybe good Anakin from Episode III? Had to ask! Jango is so cool helmet-less and the villans are amazing!

  5. Hi Andy, im Rizal from indonesia, im a big fans of STARWARS and your iotacon version of it. im actually thinking to use your iotacon character for my t-shirt collection here in indonesia, i hope you dont mind. sorry with the bad english :p and YOU ARE A GENIUS!!!

    1. Hi Rizal, Do you intend to sell these t-shirts, or just make some to wear for yourself? If you're going to sell them, then yes, I'm afraid I do mind. Please contact me via the Contact Me link, and we might be able to work something out. Thanks for the message!